I’m a former Medical Practice Administrator and was once an actor (as well as secretary at a major airline, newspaper deliverer and stay-at-home Mom) but now…now, I’m currently a full-time writer!  I sprung myself free at the end of May 2015, and split my time between Boca Raton Florida and Palo Alto, California.

I’m fortunate to have just completed a 2-year Novel Writing program at Stanford University, where I finished the first draft of a novel.

I’ll be revising Novel #1 (about the relationship of two sisters viewed through the repercussions of the sexual revolution, pregnancy and abortion) for the next few months.  Meanwhile, I’ve also begun research for the writing of Novel #2, whose spark of an idea evolved from a short story.

David and I met my freshman year of high school (he was Tartuffe, I applied his make-up) and it was his Medical Practice I ran for 25 years.  We’ve sold the business, and he begins his Second career as a clinical professor at Stanford children’s hospital (irony or ironies, just as I finish there!)

Here’s our son Jason (who lives in SF) and daughter Elise at his MIT graduation.

The 2nd Dr. Ansel!
The 2nd Dr. Ansel!

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